anthology of new philippine myths

“Editors Cruz and Sipin have called on a new generation of Filipin@ poets, artists and writers to reveal the continuity of the ever-changing super-script of KuwentoVision Telling—of what has been passed on from the ancestors in the Now. This is an unprecedented project that, perhaps, marks a new Filipin@ literary Renaissance. Stories, “accessories,” terms and images of “spell-craft” and shamanic awakenings once held in private are now open for all. Cutting through colony, migration, Mestizo-ness, one-side America, these torch-bearers of Bulosan and spirit-ethnographers of Aswang, the shape-shifting woman, notice the workings of culture and power, origins and family, self and transformation with kindness, multi-directional intelligence and a heightened heart.”

Juan Felipe HerreraCalifornia POET LAUREATE

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